C3E is advancing women’s leadership in clean energy and helping to harness all talent in driving the clean energy revolution forward. Launched as a network of national-level actions, C3E is advancing women’s leadership in clean energy globally through an International C3E Ambassador Corps and the online community forum C3Enet.org.

She’s in Power exists today thanks to C3E and a gift from award recipient, Judy Dorsey.

C3E Twitter Account

The C3E_EnergyWomen Twitter account provides an easy opportunity to engage with C3E and stay apprised of all C3E’s efforts. Connect with us by following C3E_EnergyWomen and using #C3EWomen in your tweets.

C3Enet.org International Networking Forum

C3Enet.org is an international online community for women working in the field of clean energy around the world.

Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) Awards

The U.S. C3E program recognizes the outstanding achievements of mid-career women working to advance clean energy.

LinkedIn C3E Network for Women’s Leadership in Clean Energy – Discussion Group

The @C3E_EnergyWomen LinkedIn discussion group offers another way to engage with C3E and stay informed about all of C3E’s efforts.