The Woodward Charitable Trust awarded the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (doing business as She’s in Power) a $75,000 grant — $25,000 over three years — to advance the She’s in Power program and establish a Gender Commission and Voluntary Workforce Standard.

A significant focus internally at Woodward is diversity — gender, ethnic, thought, perspective and background. We’re deeply committed to supporting our local community. As a company that centers on improved efficiency and reduced emissions, ensuring the future of clean energy is of vital importance to us,” explained Chris Fawzy, General Counsel of Woodward and President of the Charitable Trust.


“CCEC’s objectives are very much in line with our values, and we’re excited to support its programs.”

Beyond the Charitable Trust’s funding, Woodward leadership has committed to supporting She’s in Power clean energy projects with its time and talent. The company is already working with the CSU Energy Institute on a hydrogen Power Project and plans to provide Energizers (mentors) for future projects. It’s a win-win-win for our Sparks, our community and the industry as a whole.

The Gender Commission and Voluntary Workforce Standard is a new program of the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (CCEC) made possible by the new grant, in addition to support from the Mighty Arrow Foundation, CSU Energy Institute and City of Fort Collins. The Gender Commission will be convened from clean energy employers with successful gender equity efforts underway. In partnership with CCEC, the commission will develop a voluntary verified clean energy workforce standard and associated toolkit — actionable steps businesses can take to improve equity, from recruitment to training, mentorship to leadership.

“It’s so important to focus on diversity,” added Fawzy. “Without initiatives like the Gender Commission, there can be a tendency to end up in a place where diversity is lacking, not just in our industries but also in our communities.”

While convened out of Colorado, the Voluntary Workforce Standard will have national appeal, covering the full ecosystem of clean energy employers: start-ups, corporations, utilities, research institutions and beyond. To support this national reach, CCEC has two board members who are C3E national ambassadors, a high-profile network of senior women leaders in clean energy.

Together, with the support of forward-thinking organizations like the Woodward Charitable Trust and the engagement of leaders across the country, we will develop the diverse clean energy workforce of tomorrow.