Building a network of 1,000 women giving $1,000 each within one year

Coordinating and growing She’s in Power’s network of people, information, and resources raising awareness and matching supply and demand of women into the clean energy workforce.

Colorado She’s in Power ’s vision is to drive revolutionary growth of the Colorado clean energy economy by educating and empowering women and girls. To achieve this vision, we’re on a mission to influence the state of Colorado’s clean energy strategy and to align resources and fill gaps for increasing the numbers and capacity of women in clean energy. Through this campaign, we’ll align the various clean energy women’s professional groups as well as K-12 STEM and university programs into a collective voice advocating for women in clean energy. We’ll raise the necessary funds to implement programs, fill gaps and align resources for greatest impact. And most importantly we’ll build a community of 1,000 women and girls helping each other through networking, mentorship, professional development and camaraderie.

Program goals:

  • Build a $1 million quasi endowed fund for long term impact combined with early action
  • Showcase a diverse portfolio of women and girls involved in the Colorado clean energy workforce and its pipeline
  • Encourage men to support their wives, daughters, friends and co-workers by inviting them to sponsor women members
  • Encourage clean energy employers to sponsor the women in their workforce
  • Beyond writing a $1,000 check, build the membership into a vibrant network sharing time and skills toward helping build the capacity of women and girls in Colorado