You’ve got the power. 

The She’s in Power Mentoring Program matches young women in Northern Colorado who want to pursue a career in clean energy with a hands-on project and a professional mentor.

Power Partners are Northern Colorado-based companies or organizations that can offer a hands-on project and a supervisor for our Sparks to gain experience.  To provide greater access to opportunities to diverse young women, our Power Partners offer compensation to the Sparks.

Examples of past Power Projects include:

  • Catalyzing clean energy projects with solar installations and solar modeling
  • Evaluating electric vehicle infrastructure and cost structures
  • Generating clean energy awareness through community outreach and education
  • Increasing energy efficiency with advanced energy technologies and assessment

How can your company or organization benefit by participating?

  • Make a measurable positive impact in your community
  • Identify new talent
  • Build your company’s capacity 
  • Support training of the next generation of leaders
  • Promote workforce development by providing real-world learning opportunities
  • Help bridge the gender gap of women in clean energy

Power Partners commit to:

  • Offering a project that can last from 3 to 6 months
  • Compensating the Spark at a wage similar to an internship; if your organization does not have a budget to support a Spark, reach out and we can discuss
  • Providing a supervisor to oversee the project and participate in She’s in Power meetings, trainings and evaluation process (approximately 2 -3 hours / month)

Our program offers three cohorts with start dates in January, May and August.

Become a Power Partner

To propose a Power Project, complete this form. Please take 5 minutes to read our Program Information Guide to learn more about the role of our Power Partners and Power Projects. A She’s in Power team member will reach out after you submit this application.

Questions? [email protected]

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Would someone from your company / organization be interested in serving as the Mentor ("Energizer") for this Spark and the project? The Mentor can come from another team or department. While it is not required, it is often quite valuable for the overall student experience and project collaboration. (Note: She's in Power has defined expectations for our Mentors which we can share with you, based on your response. If a Mentor is not interested from your group, She's in Power will match the Spark with one. )*

Thank you for providing a valuable opportunity for young women. We look forward to working with you!

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