Drive revolutionary growth of the Colorado clean energy economy by educating and empowering women

She’s in Power is a nonprofit advancing women in clean energy in Northern Colorado.

She’s in Power Mission

Sparking the future female clean energy leaders to build a smarter world, cleaner tomorrow, and stronger economy.

She’s in Power Vision

Closing the gender gap in clean energy while building an inclusive and equitable future.


She’s in Power creates impact by:


Collaborating with industry partners on their diversity and workforce goals


Providing access and opportunities to women


Preparing and supporting our Energizers (Mentors)

Planting Seeds in Colorado

C3E Women in Clean Energy winner uses prize money to create a grassroots Colorado initiative

When Judy Dorsey, president of sustainable engineering and planning firm Brendle Group, won the U.S. Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) program’s Women in Clean Energy award at the inaugural symposium in September 2012, she knew she needed to do something with the $10,000 cash prize that would help spread the mission of C3E. She’s In Power (formerly Colorado C3E) has been going strong ever since, thanks to Judy’s gift and drive to empower women in clean energy.

Thanks to our supporters for powering our organization!


Evidence from many sectors suggests that integrating women into all levels of the energy value chain will lead to more effective clean energy initiatives.

-Lorena Aguilar, International Union for Conservation of Nature

Developing women leaders in clean energy



of US technology jobs are held by women, despite 57% of US professional occupations being held by women.


Only 18%

of US leadership positions are held by women, even though 89% of Americans are comfortable with women in leadership roles.



better return on investment capital; 42% increase in return on sales; 53% better return on equity in companies with at least three female directors.