crop_sm_Dawn_PutneyDawn Putney, Board Chair

Toolbox Creative, President and Lead Strategist

Dawn Putney is co-founder of Toolbox Creative, a brand design firm for innovative technology companies. Before moving to Colorado in 1994, Dawn worked with some of the largest ad agencies in Minneapolis. With 30+ years as a brand designer, Dawn thrives on helping technologists, innovators and engineers tell the story of how their big ideas can change the world. Dawn is also the co-founder of Art Lab Fort Collins, an experimental, non-profit creating community spaces for the art, and serves as a volunteer for Women in 3D Printing.

Why She’s in Power: I believe that elevating the conversation will change the face of women in technology and business leadership. She’s in Power’s focus on social impact projects and empowering women in clean energy spoke to my heart, and my interest in building a future where women can more easily climb to the top of the business ladder. The future looks brighter and kinder when built by women.

crop_sm_Jennifer_Kaiser_Headshot3)Jennifer Kaiser, Woodward

Jen Kaiser is Business Development Manager at Woodward, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Jen came to Woodward to lead their utility-scale solar inverter business in North America and is now focusing on new business opportunities in the natural gas market, including micro and packaged LNG. Prior to joining Woodward, Jen was Director of Strategic Alliances at Ice Energy where she developed strategic alliances with key partners to improve profitability and scalability of large-scale utility contracts for energy storage. Jen has served on the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster Board since 2010.

crop_sm_JRay-4Jennifer Ray, Woodward

Jennifer Ray has been the Global Program Manager for Woodward, Inc. since 2000. Jennifer is the direct leader of a team of 34 engineers and 5 project managers ensuring the performance, quality and reliability of engineered gas turbine systems and service for large turbine OEM’s. She has significant experience managing teams and delivering complex, innovative, control and fuel system hardware and software products with international teams and distant third party relationships. Before joining Woodward, Jennifer served as the Customer Service Manager and Sales Team Leader for W.W. Grainger in Fort Collins.

Why C3E: Women, traditionally, have not been the “face” of energy. As more clean energy companies, programs and initiatives have come to the forefront in our industry, women have provided strategy and leadership in many of these areas. The cognitive diversity women bring to the table has opened up the traditional thinking of energy and has transformed many programs to achieve success.

crop_sm_Tiana_JSmithTiana Smith, City of Fort Collins

Tiana is Revenue and Project Manager for the City of Fort Collins, managing the Sales Tax office, developing and implementing revenue strategies and revenue forecasting, reporting and analysis. Prior to her position in Finance, Tiana worked for Fort Collins Utilities for 10 years, supporting the business relationships Utilities has with a small number of commercial and industrial customers determined to be critical to Utilities and the community at large. Additionally, Tiana co-founded the City of Fort Collins’ Women’s Leadership group: Women FoCus. Tiana received her B.A. from Colorado State University in 2003 and is currently pursuing her MBA at Colorado State as well.

Why C3E: Women’s rights are human rights and the issue of empowering, supporting, mentoring and educating women is one that is near to my heart and crucial for the success of any community. When women do better, communities do better and I believe the field of energy is an untapped resource where women can thrive if given the right support system. I believe the work we’re doing at C3E is holistic in addressing the education of our youth, making sure to support women who could easily transition from careers like military service into our field are moving the needle in the right direction toward equality for women.

crop_sm_Leanne-Wheeler-C3ELeanne Wheeler, Wheeler Advisory Group

Leanne is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Good to Great Engineering and Technical Services; and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Wheeler Advisory Group. In both roles, she brokers collaborative initiatives with the Department of Defense, Defense Contractors, Nonprofit Organizations and Local Government, in order to solve real-world problems through win-win solution sets. Ms. Wheeler assumed leadership roles with her Small Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Business ventures, in March 2009. she holds an Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology Degree from the Community College of the Air Force (1992); a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems (Networking Technologies Emphasis) from Regis University (2000); and will complete a Master of Science in Computer Information Technology (Networking Protocols Emphasis) from Regis University in December 2016. Leanne resides in Aurora, Colorado. She enjoys community involvement, higher learning, professional and leisure reading, fine dining, ballroom dance, international travel, a variety of athletics; and quality time with a host of nieces, nephews and Godchildren.

Why C3E: As a society, we’ve spent well over two centuries evaluating female worth by virtue of her physical beauty/attractiveness, and how well-behaved she comports herself in public spaces. In so doing, we have failed to incorporate the innate intuition, cunning, collaborative nature, and outright wisdom of the feminine heart and mind. Our world has been handicapped by the intentional exclusion of women in decision making roles. We must reclaim half the sky. If women were to stop going to work, and stop going home, the economy in this great country would come to a grinding halt, within days. Our time is now.

crop_sm_Julie-Zinn-C3EJulie Zinn, Spirae